Reviewing Lodgepole pine logs

Reviewing Lodgepole pine logs

This is a review article on Emerse furniture, we sent them a small questionnaire about what they do and how are they a better option to buy furniture than other sellers and here’s their answer.
Emerse yourself in the total Lodge experience. We do. From customer service to quality products, we show our care every step of the way in each piece of furniture we create.

For nearly 20 years Lodgepole Furniture has proudly been family owned and run in the Pacific Northwest. The values of the Great American Lodge extend from our family; our products, for you to share.
Product Finishing & Details
Lodgepole pine logs naturally have “check” marks – the subtle cracks inherent in the log. Checking can vary in appearance from slight to wide cracks that run the length of the log.

This natural checking of Lodgepole pine does not effect the strength of the log and adds a unique quality to each piece of furniture.
All logs are farmed, harvested, machine doweled, air dried, inspected and then and only then sent into furniture production.

Once in production every log is hand planed prior to assembly, glued and screwed and then sent into the drying room to cure all glue joints and any remaining log moisture.
During construction, industrial wood glues and steel screws are used to ensure stability and strength of all joints. Drawer glides are industry standard solid steel construction.

Stains are applied by hand, rubbing each and every piece. Once the stain is dry, multiple coats of furniture grade poly acrylic is applied.

This final step ensures durability against moisture penetration.
Such pine logs are also used in salons since they look very attractive and give a nice look and feel to the customers. In-fact there are many furniture sets available along with our furniture, we also create salon chairs and have been features on this blog:
Please note: We are not responsible or guarantor for the quality of furniture. Kindly review the products yourself and, then buy their stuff.

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