Best Android Wallpaper Apps

5 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

There are many people who are always searching for perfect wallpaper for their Android device; wallpapers are a good way of quickly giving yourself a small change of scenery when you open your phone.

You can also have great cycle through of images on your camera roll and get reminders of days long since forgotten when you expected.


Google Wallpapers is not one of the most renowned apps of the company but it has plenty of cool features to have a whole range of different wallpapers for your device. You can choose your ondevice wallpapers, live wallpapers or go for specific category of wallpapers with “Cityspaces” or unique “textures”.


7Fon is the only app in which you can sign-in but it’s not necessary for using the app. You can easily filter through from different categories of wallpapers and select the best one from the huge selection.
You can click on the tap button to get information of an individual image to bring up a color palette from that specific shot.

Backgrounds HD wallpapers

Backgrounds HD wallpapers allows you to even submit your own images to the app if you signed into it. Everything is broken down into two different categories and provide search options to you for finding images and also organized into featured, popular shots and recent widgets. You can search by daily, weekly and monthly or all time popular wallpapers.


If you want premium wallpapers and you want to spend a few pennies for that, then check out Backdrops. It’s worth a look and gets shoutout for its UI and image categorization. You can download many free wallpapers as well as premium ones too.

You can use backdrops to explore many new wallpapers through “Explore” panel and combine both free and premium images. You can also make use of community tab of images in which wallpapers are uploaded by other people.

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