Android Apps for tablets

Best Android Apps for tablets

If you have an Android tablet, then you must know about its features and functionalities. You can use it for many purposes and tasks.

An Android tablet is a little bit different from an Android phone — ok more than “a little bit”.

Tablets are very popular especially in kids, because they can play their favorite games on it including GTA, Racing games etc.

However, you cannot use texting apps on tablets since they do not contain a phone number so you won’t be able to send text messages from your tablet.

But there is a solution, you can use your Android tablet’s mailing system to send free text messages.

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But tablets are not just for playing games; they can be used for much more superior and important tasks like reading articles, publishing posts and much more.

In this article we have collected some very useful Android apps for tablets. You will love to know about them, so here’s the list.

Monument Valley ($3.99)

Monument valley is a game developed by ustwo. It is one of the most better games on Android. Each player plays the role of the silent princess, Ida who should traverse through a small puzzle of 10 impossible worlds that are filled with optical illusions that you will need to solve in order to go forward in the game.

Monument valley will required your utmost attention during the game because you will be required to figure out things to go to next level.  The game looks great but will cost you $3.99.

Pocket (Free)

Do you love reading articles and books? Well, if you do, then here is a very helpful app for you. Pocket is a great app that stories all the media for later use so that you can read all your stored articles once you are free.

You may also download the browser extension of Pocket app so that you can send news, articles, photo galleries and youtube videos to your pocket app so that you can access them easily through your Android tablet.

The reading experience is much more better than the phone version since you can fit more words on the screen due to its large size. However, the interface of tablet version of this app is identical to the phone version.

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Pushbullet (Free)

Pushbullet is a perfect app for syncing your digital life all across your smart devices. You can easily share text between your tablet, phone and laptop and access messages easily – you can also share files across these devices.

That helps you to ease your work, especially when you are working on multiple devices because you can send files from one device to another and start working on it instantly.

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